Monday, January 7, 2013

Greyhounds. (and high ISO)

I have recently beenh heading to the Greyhounds in Sale, to learn about taking pics of the Greyhounds as they cross the finish line.

My first night, the two things I remember the most were:-\

- Ideal shutter speed is around 1/2000 sec
- Later in the night my ISO went up to 3200

Now for someone paranoid about noise in their photos, this was a massive ISO to shoot at and the 7D is meant to be able to handle such high ISO's but I did learn that:-

- If you underexpose your image and get the exposure wrong your pics will look as noisy as hell
- Get the exposure right and it is sweet.
- Check your exposure constantly, as the night comes in the light changes and clouds make it even more "fun" sun out - sun behind a cloud - whoops sun out again...............

Here are a couple of images from last night, I played with them in Photoshop quickly first (contrast, sat and a couple of blur filters.

With a bit of blur for effect.

Young greyhounds doing trials, without the coats, you can see all their muscles, like finely tuned athletes

Top picture, but this time in BW

Sometimes that "winning pose" shot doesnt happen and you have the "awkward greyhound" shot!

This is more like the winning pose that we like to see

This is another winning pose, they are flying (literally)

Take Off

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