Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Tour of Bright - They are all Done

Well to your first question, why do your pics take so long?


Hightlights from HOTHAM
Highlights from the TIME TRIAL
Highlights from the START

Quick answer - I came home from Bright, ON MONDAY NIGHT with over 3000 images. I edit them and make sure they look pretty, most are quick, but some take extra time. I have to upload them and this is SLOOOOOOWWW.   For example -  I have 300 images uploading and I go out, if the internet drops out for say 30 seconds, then my upload stops, I get home 4 hours later, I might find that only a handful uploaded....

It is Frustrating but now they are done I hope you enjoy looking at them and they are worth the wait.

They are all for sale, if you have any questions at all email me on judithdove@bigpond.com

I am happy to discuss any requests, just email me and let me know what you are after.

Just as you all train and race and it is a long process, it was also a marathon effort not just for me but other photographers who were there at the race. We all got some good shots.

Tawonga is loading tonight and although I took pics at presentations, they are not a priority to get on the web...........Translated means I have to leave this for a few days and catch up on other things.

Tawonga provided a lot of sweat....I have never seen so much sweat.....There was only 800m to get to the finish.

Tawonga - CONQUERED!
"Stay True" on the knuckles.......may be a way to race faster!
Geoff Thompson, had a fall a few months ago, but couldn't stay away from the race......he is Geoff "everywhere"...usually on the bike though not as a bystander. Here he is with his daughter Sarah.
Ross Hodgson tows Justin Mollison to the line but was outsprinted at the finish. :( 
This guy had walked from Mt Beauty to Tawonga on the trails with his owner 
Smiles from the camera from some people
This is officially the Shane Miller "TOB Face"
Checking that the mo was still there and hadn't flown off during those big descents
Happy to get to the finish
Serious all the way to the top
Not much further now....
Tough racing for a chasing group of girls in womens A grade
The lead A Grade bunch plus one stranger
Not long now until the big day......woo hoo.......(Hopefully Shane will not have his pain face on!)
Brand name on this gear was "WILD"  Wild racing.
Artisan Cycles riders
Happy to be near the top...

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