Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Port Pirie - From the highway

I got to visit my parents in Port Pirie last week. Now for those that don't know where Port Pirie is, it is about 290km away from Adelaide by road and is actually the sixth most populous city in South Australia, following Adelaide, Mount Gambier, Whyalla, Murray Bridge and Port Lincoln. BUT you have to venture from the highway about 6km into town. These pics are taken from the highway, at the "one-horse town" caravan park where my parents live. In the distance there were bush fires burning in the gorge and during the night the roar of road trains on their way West made the park seem like it was in the middle of nowhere….IT WAS. (If you click on any picture, you see it bigger).

The road trains were roaring past the caravan park

Road to ???
Looking across the pipeline toward the gorge

Everything was old and dry

Different times of morning and evening gave different light on the grasses

The morning sun peeking through the trees in the caravan park
It is funny how nature has all this grass growing in lines

The fire in the gorge

Dry land in the morning sun

The flour mill in Port Pirie in the distance……the town 

Just so dry

This old cart had seen better days
The back of the park in the distance with the bush fires

The family

My parents home

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