Sunday, November 18, 2012

Campdrafting - The photography side

Yesterday, I went along to the camp draft and I found out that I had no idea what it even was. So last night did some reading and write blog post number 1 and today went back just to play with the camera.

Todays weather was cloudy (huge clouds to the side) and possibility of thunder, so quite overcast. I bumped up the ISO to 400 as I wanted fast shutter speeds and as much DOF as possible. The aim is a good shot.

Other factors that made it tough were:-

- Two big poles I had to shoot around
- Mountains of dust which is not camera friendly

I also shot on 8fps a lot today which I normally don't like as you use a lot of disk space and get a lot of shots you probably don't want, but it does give a lot of interesting images and overall today was a lot more successful than yesterday. No in fact it was WAY more successful, yesterday I was watching the camp draft and trying to understand it, and today was watching the camera!!

I shot mainly at 1/400 and went to 1/320 when I thought my images looked a bit static and not  dynamic.....I could have gone to 1/250th but the rain was looming and so I bailed out after about an hour and a half and went home to check out my catches of the day.

Around 100 images from yesterday and 150 from today can be seen at  actionpactpix (pics will finalise loading overnight).

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