Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Photo Walk

A few years ago, I found a website called red bubble and I originally bought two pictures, one for my study and one for the bedroom. On Red Bubble you can search whatever you want. I remember for my study I searched "brown, pink, nature" as I wanted an image with lots of browns and pinks. I joined the site, now contribute images and it is a real photography community.

Through the site I got involved in the "Shot in the heart of Melbourne" exhibition and had 5 images exhibited (the exhibition closed yesterday :(  ) and I have found lots of people who have helped me with my photography.

Yesterday about 7 of us got together for a walk in Melbounre. One photographer in particular, Mieke Boynton (search her name on red bubble), lives in the Kimberley and takes inspiring landscapes and so when I found out she was in Melbourne arranging a walk, I knew I wanted to be there. Others were John, John, Peter, Hans, Christine, me and a couple we met up with later.....(can't remember their names)

I started the day like a school kid going to school camp, camera ready, tripod ready and on the train to the big smoke. Met up with everyone at the exhibition and we were off, looking like a group of tourists with cameras. It was a great day and this is my pictorial record of the day, although I am working on a couple of images to post onto red bubble, these are a previews of images I captured (after having a quick play with them on my computer.....lol....)

By the way the day was great, found some great coffee and although my pics on the day were nothing to shout about, I actually met some people whose work has inspired me. :) Oh and by the way, if you get to Derby in the Kimberley, Mieke did assure me that you can get good coffee there.... :)

Our group of photographers (one had to walk to the middle - well done Mieke), for a shot
First coffee stop for the day was Brunetti's

We did donate some money to this street artist

I was trying to "shoot from the hip" ...not quite what I wanted in this shot, but I kind of liked it

Never forget to look UP!

A Lot of EPIC fails with trying to shoot from the hip......I think I deleted A LOT...!!!

Mieke and John looking to see who got the SHOT!

Melbourne forms and buildings are always interesting

A wedding party provided our group of photographers with some entertainment

I was just shooting lots of stuff....I like the lawns here 

Oh the classic tourist {Polly Woodside shot)

Form and buildings

Colors of dusk.

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  1. Nice blog Judith and some nice images to go with it. I really enjoyed the day too. Peter



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