Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Tour of Bright update....relating to all the photos I took

I took a LOT of photos over the weekend to process when I got home from the Tour of Bright. In summary, the Boynton sprint pics will take a coupe of days due to lots of editing the sprint was set up in the shade and so hard to photograph (and I was trying to watch the sprints too......can't do both successfully.......)......Learning all of the time!

Marisa and I had a great spot on Tawonga and I got some great pics there and so they will be first loaded. I also got some awesome pictures of the time trial and they are all ready to load too.

I am still processing Hotham at the moment. Presentations to be done.

The pics look great and I can't wait for everyone to see them, but my upload speed here in Rural Victoria is poor and so uploading is taking some time.

I AM going to open the first gallery as soon as it is ready (The first 200 images from the Tawonga Gap Stage 1), they look good.

Gallery No 1 - For Tawonga Gap
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Here are some of my favorite moments of the day and just things I liked like the A grade girls who rode past me in a very hot tempo compared to some of the other riders who were just happy to see the top. Love the Drapac Porsche kit and it was a great day out on the course..........Well Done on your rides everyone!
This poor rider rode the last part of Tawonga Gap
with a flat back tyre

"The SadTyre"

Robbie McEwen eat your heart out!

Local riders just cruised up the climb showing their "brawn"

For most of the field - check out these guys as in 20-30 years this will be you!

This Dog was happy to sit and watch the sprints, he did seem to get more excited for the close finishes

My chosen vantage point for the finish. It was a great place to sit!

These three girls were inseperable all weekend!

The Drapac porsche kit is now quite schmick

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