Monday, January 14, 2013

Adelaide to Africa

This trip to Adelaide is to watch the TDU (as usual), but we came earlier so that we could check out some of the non-cycling side of Adelaide. For years I have wanted to go to Monarto Zoo, but with a group coming over and the big race on, there is enough keeping us busy....This year we made the trip to Monarto and it was Bloody Fantastic

It is not just a zoo, but a really well organised and just gorgeous and massive park where the animals are well looked after and get plenty of land to roam on.

My tips to enjoy Monarto would be:-

- Get there early (we could have got there earlier)
- Do the talks (we missed a couple and unfortunately missed the cheetah cubs :(  )
- Walk the trails as they take you to the main viewing platforms and so much in between
- Take your camera

There is the zu-bus and the Volunteers that do the talks on the Zu Bus are just fantastic, and love what they much history and so many animals to talk about.

Of course here are my favorite shots of the day:-
The Lions were beautiful

This is called a "Painted Dog" I think it is different to the hyenas...stil kind of ugly though

Yes he did just grab a handful of.....errr....poo 

This reminds me of different
Almost a Broadway musical moment

Great scenery and history

Legs go on forever

You cant quite see the baby Rhino getting a drink

A lock on the Rhino stalls.....Rhino Proofing at its best

Shane getting to meet a Giraffe

See the Baby Chimp Zuri on the front here

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