Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Finally - HOTHAM!

The piece de resistance of this tour is by no doubt Mt Hotham. Providing a variety of gradients from false flats to the ridiculous. The thought of racing the Mountain had some doubting themselves before the start, but it was a beautiful day for a bike ride.

As requested by the Alpine Cycling Club, we left Bright early to find a spot on the hill, drove to Hotham but couldn't find went back to a spot I thought might be good for both taking pics and for being a spectator, and then wished I had packed some warm gloves.

Hubby sat in the car with a heater and the paper and I sat on the road.......all riders seemed happy to be 3km from the end of the Mountain.

Here are quite a few pics from the Hotham stage. As mentioned previously I will have full galleries by the end of the weekend as time is hard to find.

Hotham (Pic taken on the way Home on the Monday)
A grade lead bunch had to contend with really poor visibility
The later bunches didn't have such a problem

Jarryd Jones showing MTB skills

Posing for the camera...........(It is low oxygen up here isn't it?)

Team Kosdown fought all the way to the end.

With pain face

You can see my hubby in the car.....nice and cosy

Broken spokes....running to the top

It was a real battle in Masters 6+ Wayne Hildred and Malcolm Dow 

Justin Mollison took out the overall MMAS6+

Giant Celtic riders again well represented.

The battle in Womens A grade was to the wire......Miranda Griffith (Team Holden winning overall by less than 1/10th of a second)

Climbing Climbing
Fully escorted to the top in womens A Grade

Jim Taylor, like all the officials, smiling on the way past

It was a long tough climb up

and a fast spin down!

He got out of the car!
Convoy back down the mountain

The sag wagon right at the back of the field.

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