Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Time Trial.

I heard people saying how much they hate time trials.....they are tough and hurt ( Thought to self - "What part of climbing Mt Hotham doesn't?") Love the amount of technology on the course.

Tried hard to get a pic of everyone and didn't so if you are looking for yourself, you may be one of those I missed. I have divided the Time Trial galleries into 5 sections based on time, but only one is available to look at so far.

I noticed three types of time triallists:-

TYPE ONE - The VERY SERIOUS Time Triallists, they are the noisiest, they breathe hard, the disk wheel is noisy and they mean business
TYPE TWO - Those who don't live for Time Trials but want to do well.......easy to pick from Type One as they don't have aero helmet, aero bike or "time trial face".
TYPE THREE - Those who are just getting through it, so they can finish the tour (They wave and say hi on their way past!).

I have been madly editing all day and I have a stack to put on the web, but they take a long time as I put big files up (for my website to operate properly and orders to be completed quickly and efficiently) and so here is a "sneak peak":-

I knew that it would be a week to get all images up on the web, between editing and loading and my normal life stuff.
Serious Face!....Definately a TYPE 1 TT rider

Same Face - Type 1 and winner of Masters 6+ ITT

My favourite TT skin suit and booties!

My favourite TT helmet!

There seemed to be Team Seight riders everywhere

There were a lot of officials on Motorbikes watching all riders that had caught others

Type 2 TT rider, the giveaway is the facial expression

This kit was another that needed special mention. Loved the colours

Type THREE rider

Black and White Assos skin suits were popular

Is the "mo" aero?

MMAS123 GC winner Shane Miller and his serious face

Lots of Cycling Inform riders

I was so happy to see this guy as he was the last starter!......

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