Thursday, November 29, 2012

Masters 7 and Masters 6 Crit at Goulburn

Ernie Smith is the official photographer for the Masters Nationals and has pictures of everything on his website at Ernie Smith Photo I was at the Driver Training centre for just one day (mainly two races), and got pics of Masters 7 and Masters 6 and they will all be on the website will give you the full link once they are uploaded....but for now here is a sneak peak:-

Pics are being edited today.......They were never a priority as I was there to take pics of my hubby, but people like to see themselves and their families racing, so I have put them up.

MMAS8 Men in action

Driver Training Centre had lots of Twists and Turns

Add caption

More of the bends and one of the hills!

Masters 7 Men

Masters 7 Men

The camera doesn't really show hills too well.

Note the tight bend at the bottom of the final straight and yes there were victims of this straight

Mens Masters 7 Final Sprint 

Jeff McLean from MMAS6

Ian Lovell from MMAS6

Never really see white skin suits too often.....


A champion MMAS6 rider.....

The MMAS6 bunch

Now I think the champion pulled out not long after this...and the Collie rider finished but his piece de resistance was the next day.

My father in Law has a warm up bike like this one too.....I call it "hard garbage" but it does the job!

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