Monday, December 3, 2012

Tour of Bright - The Aftermath

As everyone gets home, and brags or makes excuses about their race this weekend (I know a lot of the excuses are valid but its what cyclists do!), I am now home ready to start checking out what I captured, the good the bad and the ugly!

I used to race the TOB and loved it all, the race is the result of a mega -organised team from Alpine Cycling Club who work tirelessly all weekend, moving signs, handing out bidons, checking and rechecking all permit info and just putting into action what has taken since TOB11 to organise.  Major Kudos to them and Cyclesport Victoria for all their work.

I guess now being behind the scenes and capturing the race along the road, I enjoy seeing it all unfold.

Thanks to all the riders who waved, said hi, or just put on a race face! Thanks to all officials who waved and helped me over the weekend.


My weekend basically consisted of FOUR stages

- Stage 1 - Roaming at the start and a lot of random images of nervous, excited and fit looking riders
- Stage 2 - 500 m from the finish at Stage 1, happy to tell people it was only 500m to go
- Stage 3 - 3km from start/finish of ITT, had my scenic background and with camera, 2 bears, water, bananas, sunscreen and start list it was a regular rave party for 3.5 hours
- Stage 4 - 2.5km from Finish braving clouds/whiteout and freezing winds and the occasional semi trailer, hubby sat in car reading the paper "Let me know if you need anything!"

Met some fantastic people, heard some fantastic stories about the race and can't wait for the 2013 rave party to begin.

Congrats to everyone who placed and won those amazing trophies, to those who had their own PB's and those who half way through each stage questioned their own ability to finish......CONGRATULATIONS.

All pics will be available at but 550riders and three stages is a lot to process.........I will keep you posted on twitter @actionpactpix and on FB (actionpactpix)

Here is a Sneak Peak of my Stage 1:-

Race Director Aaron Smith interviewed before the first bunch head off

A Grade winner Miranda Griffith

That is the way we go.........

Important Info - Getting an excited and BIG group of riders to hear you is challenging!

Happy and nervous before the start

Media at work!

A Grade waiting

Chief Commissaire begins to tell the troops the rules

Hmmm..............Waiting for the start

Happy to be here at Bright!

A large contingent from Hampton Cycles raced over various grades

"Could you please photoshop me legs before you publish this" - That was a real comment!

Racing on Home Soil!

Was that starting the race "GANGNAM STYLE"!!!???

Poised and Ready

Focussed.....The race was ready to start!

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