Thursday, November 29, 2012

Goulburn Masters Titles 2012

Well this is a VERY delayed entry and although I love to write cycling stories early, I must admit, my main reason for attending Goulburn this year was to cheer on my husband and some members of the Wellington Cycling Club racing.

Note MMAS6 and MMAS7 will be interested in Crit story and pics!

I got a lot of pictures of the MMAS6, but I also managed a few of MMAS3,4,9 and 1 or 2 of MMAS7.

My favourite moment on the day was the way MMAS6 champion Mark Paget from WA crossed the line and on talking to him after the race, the win was the culmination of a lot of hard work and determination and HARD TRAINING......Basically after racing last year, Mark went home with a plan to try and win the title (knowing that luck at the end can influence the result with the right break, the right timing, the right everything!)......he had a plan and stuck to it and is now an Australian Champion.

Full pics from the RR can be found at (They are loading today and will be finished by this evening). Crit pics to come as well

As I am off to Bright this weekend and anticipate a lot of images to be uploaded next week, I will be very busy......

Here are a few images from the Goulburn Road Races (only the age groups I mentioned!)

Waving to the camera...friendly racing!

An unsure look to the camera!

Latrobe City Rider Brett Van Berkel in "no mans land" ....

Very Happy MMAS7rider Mike Renehan (is that a medal around his neck??)

Tough U-turns at either end of the course

Mark Paget becomes an Aussie Champ

Rest of MMAS6 sprinting for minor places!

Saw this Hummer on the side of the road, impressive looking machine!

MMAS6 midrace

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