Saturday, August 11, 2012

Tour Of Wellington Stages 1 and 2 LOTS OF PICS

For Stage 1 - Time Trial Gallery CLICK HERE
For Stage 2 - Road Race Gallery CLICK HERE

Results of Time Trial CLICK HERE
AND Spreadsheet of Results of Stages One and Two - CLICK HERE

On arriving at Briag, it was great to see riders from Latrobe, Bairnsdale and Wellington all getting ready for the "SHORT/SHARP" day of racing. Be on your game - an 11.3km ITT and a 25km road race, just full throttle for both events..........

The ITT was first and 29 riders were sent away at 30 second intervals......Although full results are not quite ready and will be available on the WCC website asap.

Then the road race, and intermediate sprints and final finishes were hotly contested by all riders. I have put up a selection of pics, and all images will be available for viewing tomorrow night

I did notice a couple of things:-

- Mike Renehan had a BIG smile on his face all day (CONGRATULATIONS on winning the MMAS7 Gold Medal in the Vic Champs last week)
- CONGRATULATIONS ALSO to Danny Gafa (LCCC) for MMAS2 Gold at the Vic Masters and Dave Arnup for his Silver medal in the MMAS2 ITT.
- Ben was on time (although at 30 seconds to go in the Time Trial - Wheres Ben? He turned up with 10 seconds to go
- A couple of riders had a strict "no side profiles" clause in their photo contracts.....that is what winter does (My hands up too - Guilty here too!)
- Riders said the Time Trial was tough..........A rider named Bill Dove once said to me in a time trial, "If it is not hurting then you are not going hard enough!!"
- Quite a few helpers from Briag and I saw a couple of riders stop and say thanks to the Marshalls as they rode away from the finish (Great sportsmanship there. :))
- Riders toughest choice of the day was "Which of Grants delicious cakes should they have........fruit cake/lemon slice or chocolate cake.....)

The Marshalls certainly worked hard today checking numbers and placings i tight finishes
Grant had the race under control
After thanking Dave for a lead out at the Masters Champs it was certainly rivalry between the two champs today
Dave had his serious race-face on
Special note - Daryl did a fantastic job holding every rider except two and his face was very focussed (or asleep??)
Not sure about the look on Daryls face here, but he Gave Kristy a big push
With 5 seconds to the start - Ben is held and pushed on his way (WHERE IS BEN??)
Some riders kept Daryl amused
Danny finished and had not been passed on route by anyone
According to my camera Dave finished 10 seconds later
A moment of prayer before the big race
Happy riders before a tough road race
Coming to the first sprint
Taken by Nick Jehu
Marshalls discussing the race
Charming race face Kristy
Serious sprinting in B Grade 
Cute puppy at the finish

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