Saturday, August 18, 2012

Tour of Wellington Stage 3

Week 2 (stage 3), of the Tour of Wellington.

Being in the background of any bike race (taking photos or marshaling or anything), really gives you an insight of how much work goes into the race. Grant Smith along with a band of happy helpers has worked hard to make the Tour a success and I am going to rename him "Grant Everywhere". Today Paul Dashwood and I went to the first corner and Grant drove past, we then moved to sprint 2 and as we arrived Grant was spraying the chalk onto the road, then he left, then as we drove to the sprint 4 (I think, I lost count), we passed Grant at a KOM helping out.....then at the finish he was there, he had to leave straight after the finish because the back of his car was full of yummy cakes........Thanks to his mum!......what a great spread and I know a few riders who arrived today because the cakes are so delicious. Add putting signs out, checking the course and just saying hi to a few locals.....he covered a lot of country today!

Todays race summary:-

The racing was great, the weather was shithouse! (Oh I will add an extra "! ".... for literary purposes!).

Congrats to Danny Gafa, Katrina East and Damien Crozier for finish Line honours....full points to be finalised with so many KOM's and Sprints...Grant could possibly be up all night with his calculator and Excel spreadsheets!

Next Saturday is at Stratford and Sat night is presentation night!!!...

Well......this bit is done, I am just finalising pics for the website so you can see all of them and they will be up at later tonight......

Not my pic but this would have helped during the torrential race bits, between KOM's 1, 2 and 3 or Sprints 1 -4

Just a gratuitous "Cow" Pic........

Racing on wet country roads

I think "praying for the rain to stop!"

B Grade meant business today........Adam was keeping his race face on ....waiting for an attack perhaps

Too early to know what anybody is thinking

C grade were also playing the serious faces today

Grimace or smile?...I never know.......

PAUL! not the best place to put the flag!

This could form part of a caption competition......"What did Gaf say to Craig?"

I think Dave must have just enjoyed the Gel he ate????? WTF?

Unfortunately Rohans bike wanted to get out of the rain, a broken chain!

Part two of the caption competition.....

Nick jumps on the back of a LCCC Train

B Grade had the best sprint faces and no talking during the sprints!

Grant was everywhere........At the finish with the flag!

Waiting for B Grade

I couldn't help but notice a family style of sprinting - Elbows out and go hard...reminded me a bit of....
Elbows out - Argy Bargy sprinting methods used by the pros!

Some took it in turns to nap!

The pain of a cramp.....could also be confused with the joy of being able to put dry warm clothes on!

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