Saturday, August 25, 2012

Final Stage - Tour of Wellington Final Stage

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The final stage of the Tour of Wellington was run today by Welington Cycling Club and it was another tough day on the bike. The weather played a large part being quite windy and although there was repreive from the wind during stages of the race, it made things tough.

Easy course, just out and back but with hills, wind and people trying to bust the bunches up, the race presented with challenges.

Then there was Grants cakes, and at presentations at Wa De Lock, some yummy pizzas..........

Congratulations to Danny Gafa (LCCC), Lachlan Thompson (BRCC) and Damien Crozier (BRCC), for winning A, B & C grades respectively....

Well done to Grant Smith and a well oiled group of helpers who made the race the success it was.

A few highlights - pics from the day.....Had the WCC presentation night tonight (it has been a big day and lots of happy award winning people....) that is what riding past 32 minutes looks like! 
Everyone gathers after the race for the big presentation 
A Grade 1st and 2nd - Danny Gafa and Craig Keane
Overall winners C Grade Damien Crozier, A Grade Danny Gafa and B Grade Lachlan Thompson 
B Grade  2ndChris Henne,  1st Lachlan Thompson and 3rd Adam Palmer

C Grade - 1st Damien Crozier and 2nd Ross Wembridge 
Grant Smith worked hard all day - checking and re-checking
The cakes were yum, and there was chocolate cake and fruit too (Thanks Mrs Smith)
Adam Palmer in B Grade  makes a dash for the line to win todays stage
This was part of the view you may not have seen, BUT YOU WOULD HAVE SMELT IT

Jackie and Daryl and Bear helped to marshall every week
A Grader Dave Arnup Crossing the Line first today!
After crossing the line 
These guys did the ride much easier 
A cute lamb.......just some scenery
B Grade all together and doing it too easy 
The A Grade bunch (errr.....Team LCCC and the 
B Grade (hang on is that a stray at the back??!!!)
C grade all looking a bit happy (except for Cotts and Ross!)

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