Sunday, August 5, 2012

Paynesville Crit - The Battle

Again today was a battle between Wellington and Bairnsdale. (...the race had everything, had riders from the Big SMOKE (LVCC), and St Kilda and even as far afar as NZ).

BAD NEWS (for me a Wellington Member)

Bairnsdale took the goods again this year and will rub WCC noses in it for another 12 months.....we had lots of riders doing great things, but no one in that all important BREAK!

A Grade was fast and furious and many curious onlooker thought they were watching the Tour of Gippsland riders, each lap a different array of riders would be in front of the bunch in the main straight. I still have no idea what happened in the back part of the course, but everyone had to keep their wits about them back there.

B Grade was a demolition derby with only the strongest remaining at the end. From lap one, riders were getting left along the course.

Results should be available at BRCC website
Full photos will be available at actionpactpix website later tonight tomorrow (weather may cause internet problems...)


Gail Pearson came third in B grade....

St Kilda rider and Dave Tennant finding the pace FAST

B Grade riders also found the pace was on and it was unrelenting

Tom Dellar was in the thick of it all right throughout the race

Race winner showing his form early in the race

Unrelenting Pace saw a lot of casualties in A Grade

Kevin Read and Linc Kelly supporting their clubs...along with officials from the Lakes Oil Tour of Gippsland

The breakaway group was never caught

Stuart Derham showing the face of an IRONMAN!

Craig Keane spent a lot of time trying to get away

In the bunch, nobody knew what was going to happen

Fast and Furious

Final sprint in A grade

Bunch Sprint

All smiles from Polygon winner and Bainrsdale riders Tom Dellar 2nd and Tim Boote in 3rd

Beautiful Paynesville

A Glorious day for a bike race

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