Sunday, July 29, 2012

Tour De Riviera - Stage 5

.........Stage 4 is still laying in the "in" basket..........a certain Mountain BIke race took precedence  last week and involved a lot of work.

The final stage of the Tour De Riviera was run by Bairnsdale and Riviera Cycling Club yesterday and full results are are available at the BRCC website

So Stage 1 pics
and Stage 2 pics
and Stage 3 pics
Stage 4 is a work in progress and Stage 5 pics

AND ..........but here are the previews of Stage 5:-

There is one in every "bunch"

Thinking about the race

A Grade are off...and the pace was on

and it hurt

Too easy up the hills!

Just keep focussed on the road 

I tried laying on the road and a new angle with the background........I liked the look
B Grade all having a social ride...until Alec and Eric thought their should get serious

Just the token "arty" shot!

Beautiful Wy Yung

Glad to be at the finish....

Ride of the day on B grade

Just couldn't catch was all too much

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