Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Tour De Riviera Stage 4 - Belated

Stage Four of the Tour De Riviera saw the riders racing at Meerlieu. having just had to endure a tough time trial, the pressure was off in some ways, but there was still a road race and valuable tour points.

The Tour is now ended and the TOUR DE WELLINGTON hosted by Welington Cycling Club, begins this week and full program can be found HERE - THIS IS A PRINTABLE PROGRAM (Place a copy on your fridge!!)

The 11th Of August sees a Time Trial and a 25km road race....Whilst only shorter races for day one, it is all about the points! SEE YOU THERE!

To recap on the Tour (click on the stage number to take you to the Gallery):-

Stage 1 At Meerlieu
Stage 2 At Bruthen
Stage 3 At Meerlieu for the Tie Trial
Stage 4 Meerlieu the Road Race following the Time Trial
Stage 5 The final stage at Wy Yung

Some Highlights from Stage 4 of the Tour De Riviera:-

Was Chris the Tour Director or a Traffic Director??
Eventual tour winner seemed to take it all in his stride
Getting ready at the start in A grade
B Grade was a family affair and a Wellington affair

Adam rode the time trial of his life - That is what breaking away does

Katrina trying to get more air??!!

Ben leaves the bunch way way way back
Seemed to be Hill Climbs and sprints everywhere
B Grade with C grade hot on their tail
Katrina and John decide who is going to get the valuable points

Am I winning???

Working hard on the road

Someone needed to get that Flag away from Marc!
Linc does his best Peter Sagan impersonation

Eyes down.....

The Derhams and face pulling really seem to go hand in hand!

Al happy to be at the end....Bad news Al .....A grade next week in Wy Yung and THOSE HILLS!

Definitely looks like a camera face (James you have already crossed the line now!!!)
Happy to get to the end of another tough tour stage

C Grade bunch finishing it all off.

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