Sunday, July 22, 2012

Mountain Biking in Gippsland = FUN!

Today I went along to the Blores Hill 6 hour Enduro, a huge event hosted by the Gippsland MTB club and attracting keen mountain bikers from seemingly everywhere. With solo riders doing 6 HOURS on a bike over rocks and bumpy ground, it sounded like "sore backside" territory, but many were also involved in teams to get through 6 hours of tough biking.

Until today I knew nothing about MTBing, but now am keen to give it a go.....It is off road, challenging +++ and the best part had a really friendly atmosphere and lots of people having fun.

My pics will be available on on Wednesday, as I am in Melbourne for a couple of days now. I was only originally staying at Blores until 12, but left at 2, walked about 40 minutes longer than planned and enjoyed the whole time.......All I can say is get into your local bike shop, Avanti were sponsoring today and the gang fro Sale's Push N Pedals were there to provide test drives on Mountain BIkes and also ride the event.

It was an 11 km course and had a couple of testing and scenic climbs................Here are some sample pics from today...........and stay tuned for the rest....

All the team tents were organised

You could test ride an Avanti Bike

The Gippsland MTB Club had everything running very smoothly.....awesome job....a ton to organise

The Avanti Crew were ready to race with Gerard Callinan (ABC hardman and MTB legend)

Focussed on the downhill

Technical descent from the TRIG

Snakes were being handed out at the top of the TRIG!

Peta Mullens, one of the lead women

Some were having fun

Peta Mullens and Jessica Douglas were going to be having a 6 hour battle

The course was technical

But the tracks were clearly marked

Woo Hoo
Lots of Twists and Turns
Emma Beveridge rounds a bend

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