Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Real 10-22mm Test

I bought the 10-22mm to take real estate pictures and be able to do better panoramas of rooms and get those smaller rooms into the picture. SO the real test was yesterday as in Sale at the moment the Australian Campervan and Motor Home Rally is on and there are around 2000 people here for the rally, which means a lot of RV's, so we went for a look and the big manufacturers, Jayco, Winnebago, Trakka and Coachman, all had vehicles on display, so I took my camera in to get a few shots. I was absolutely over the moon, Photographically this is not my best work as I was quickly snapping as a lot of people were looking through the vehicles, but I am very happy with the capabilities of the lens and I can see so much scope for it in the future:_

One of the Coachman vans with two pop out sides, for the lounds and one for the bedroom
The other Coachmen van
Thats a Big ten four - Truckie!
PLenty of room to set up a computer for some study time

Or you could take the family option - Bathroom doors on the Left
Nice Comfy couch to watch Cycling Central on

This is taken form the study, loads of room for visitors, you have a lounge with five seats...

Big bed
Even looks after washing Machines!

This was from a different Van

Inside another more 'ordinary van

So the lens got a good workout and is really a great addition to the kit........
This week I ordered. grey card, Shutter trigger for taking long exposures, flash triggers, umbrellas and am starting to build up some studio gear now.........I have a indoor shoot this week..........Can't wait...

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