Friday, April 6, 2012

New Lens - The joy and saga of buying a wide zoom

I did some Real Estate photography and learned very quickly that a 15-85mm on a Canon 7D which is 1.6 crop, giving you effectively a 24-136 lens.....fine and very handy in a lot of situations but not going to cut it to photograph small bathrooms and bedrooms. As I am new to the real estate and I have a small budget, buying a wider lens was going to be a big I did the natural thing and 'Googled" it!

Well then I put the question out there on Red Bubble and got some more advice............I was now more confused and almost in a state where I needed something to calm me down, so as I reached out for the vodka, I had a moment!..... and I saw the message in front of me it said......."Bundaberg Rum", I knew that I was reaching for the wrong stuff BUT that helped me put it together, I had been looking at Tokina, Sigma, Tamron, which one is better, and cheaper and will it have any issues down the track and suit what I am using it for....NO! I shoot with Canon and so I am buying the RIGHT STUFF and I bought a Canon EOS 10-22mm 3.5...!!

It arrived two days ago and I have been so busy (not nursing a Bundy hangover...the bottle never got opened, as I suddenly saw the light)...I have only just today placed it on my camera and been out for a quick shoot.

I went the the massive Campervan rally with over 2000 people here at the showgrounds, and got told by the door bitch that I was not allowed in...The public can come in on Monday.......NO she was a lovely lady and I did joke with her that nana has become a door bitch, (She did laugh!!!)

One the way home I stopped at the sale yards and took a heap of pics. I worry about taking pics at the sale yeards, that someone might think I am some Vego Greenie, taking pics for some anti-meat campaign but I was just experimenting with my new lens and I actually looked for cow poo to shoot as it made the cattle yard seem more real....a few cows would have been good, but they seem to stay away from the cattle yards in droves on Good is the Fish that are scared today!

Here are my first efforts! OH and thanks to Topaz adjust for some effects!

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Topaxz gives a real HDR look, but the 10-22 is waaaaay different to the 70-200mm, like you stand next to the subject.....lololol..LOVE IT so far.....


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