Monday, March 19, 2012

Athletes of the Future, see them FLY!

Well it was only two months ago that I had thought, that to get more practice taking pics at sport, I will see if I can go and take some pictures at the Lakes Entrance Nippers Training, I knew a couple of people with kids doing nippers, didn't know much about it, so just arranged it with the right people, and with camera in hand just went along to (in my head)...."take a few pics of kids getting smashed by some waves".....
Well I was wrong....

These kids were tough competitors and better than that they all just loved it......

I saw kids coming out of the water crying (fear/bigger waves/lots of reasons)....but they were then on the start line for the next event...These kids were TOUGH!

I guess the epitome today for me was as I was walking back to the clubhouse after getting some snaps, I was chatting to a young boy (not sure of his name...he would be about an under 12)...I asked him what his favorite event was and he told me he wasn't very good at any of them, but had a go at them all, becase you have to try and it doesn't matter where you come at the finish....Did I just say he was under 12....too much wisdom there...and we discussed that even the kid who comes last loses Nothing and he gets to say HE DID IT!

Under 12 and so wise...hope I can be that wise someday!

Big praise to the organisers, the parents and everyone involved as my session of watching kids getting smashed by waves has become about 6 sessions with lifesaving (4 at Lakes, 1 at Woodeside and i adults at Seaspray), and I have loved it and I have learned not just stuff about my photography, but it seems I have now learned some stuff about life.

The pics I took today will all be up at actionpactpix by Friday (club members can get access), and I have been able to donate nearly $100-00 to the club thanks to Photo Sales.......yay! I thought everyone here does stuff for the club and so what can I do and so I made it that all of the smaller picture sales money went to the club.....
Here is a pictorial of my day and I guess it kind of sums up my weeks at Nippers at Lakes. If you click on any picture, you will see it bigger and can then click through the pictures, you only get 14 at a you will have to do it twice! (you just miss out on the captions thats all)...... Enjoy being part of Nippers!

What a bunch of champions
Did someone say jump again!

My little photos stall where I sold a few pics today
Fishing trawler in the background epitomises Lakes Entrance really

Parents stand on the shore as a group of around 12 children between 7 and 9 all head into the surf swimming!
Chris is a main organiser for Nippers and he stays enthusiastic all day!

Getting a few last words of encouragement from dad!

I think I have lost the board.....whoops

Trying to hang on to board for as long as possible (see they do get smashed by the waves!)

Some encouragement from mum!
Parents and different events all going on at different parts of the beach

I learned that to get a picture of a child "flying" then focus on Angus and I was given a great shot every time without fail and he didn't let me down this week either!

Landing not so gracefully!

These girls tried some football manoeuvres...I think I have the flag!

Oh oh...can't stop now

Or as the young people say...OMG!

Not sure what happened then, but I have the flag!

Gotta love Lakes Entrance......the boys are lined up and ready to go again!

The Surf Clubhouse at Lakes amazing place!
So Thank You to the LESLSC as it has been an amazing summer and i am looking forward to coming back next year!

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