Saturday, March 17, 2012

Seaspray Lifesaving Championships 17th March 2012

Another whole new photography experience today, I went to Seaspray to catch some pics of their open club lifesaving champs.

At the start of the year I said I wanted to move outside my comfort zone this year in photography......try some other things than cycling...well I didn't move too far as there was still a bunch of people in Lycra.,......but I didn't notice a big difference from shooting pics of the Nippers (the surf lifesaving kids), in

- There was a bit of pushing and shoving in the men's
- In the flags events you have more that about 30kgs coming at you at a rapid pace


- Competitors still need to be told a few times to get on the start line and stop talking
- Enthusiasm +++
- Lots of spectators

It was fun so here is a bit of a pictorial insight into my day and I will have all the pics done by hopefully Monday night as I am heading off to Lakes Entrance Nippers tomorrow so that will be a long day and I hope the weather is just like today as it was a fantastic day today.

Full pictures to be on website actionpactpix by Tuesday, but as I am off to Lakes Entrance tomorrow and I am orgnaising a few things for them, I will not sit and really go through theses images until Sunday/Monday....but well done everyone...some fantastic perfomances in the surf, and the comments from the sidelines were that some of you were very impressive showing dedication and training.....

Absolutely gorgeous morning weather wise with some out surfing.
The surfboat - gets taken out for safety reasons....well that is the real reason...

Some participants tried to win by STEALTH.........not really, some got dumped by waves.

The men starting a swim race

These guys were amongst a few dogs who were having as much fun as the competitors

The women's Open Champion

Lillie gets dumped just in the final strait

The Men line up for the board race

The start of the flags - everyone is just waiting for the signal.

The older competitors don';t stop as easily as the young Nippers

Now I am not sure about this tactic...hmmmm...judges might need to review the photographic evidence

And a bit of Argy Bargy

See the dogs were having a great time

Just the usual lifeboat, beach, sky was a beautiful day

The girls lining up for a board race.

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