Thursday, January 26, 2012

Hazelwood Pondage 25Th January 2012

Trundled down to Hazelwood to take pics whilst Nick Jehu and Olivia Verey from the Wellington Cycling Club raced around the course. It was very WINDY....sorry emphasised the wrong word...It was VERY!!! windy!.

Around 40 riders had gathered and it was a handicap, so windy some hills and a handicap, a tough night for me on the side of the road with the camera!...(you know how it is....standing at the top of the hill...shutter finger gets sore!)...oh and I think everyone riding found the going tough too, as there were quite a few that pulled out after two of the three laps, once you were dropped, it became a soul searching ride to get to the end. The back straight was very fast with scratch and second scratch talking speeds into the 50's so get a good wheel and hang on if you can

Full gallery at actionpactpix website (99 Photos going up will finish loading at approx 430pm 260112)
Details of race at Latrobe City Cycling Club Website

I love looking back at the power station and seeeing it rise over the trees.....
This was the scratch bunch who didnt quite catch the sceond scratch for the win, but were going fast nontheless

Gradually all teh nbunches became decimated with ones and two's being the order of the night.

Second Scratch on Lap 2 - Still with one and a bit laps to go

Tunksy at the end of Lap 2 - Doing it tough and riding a very long way on Australia Day!
The scratch bunch on Lap one - Not quite enough in the bunch to fight to the end
Cyrus Monk from Warragul sprinting for the win over Warragul teammates!
Robbie Reid wins fastest time.......

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