Monday, January 16, 2012

Green Edge Launch

Some pics from the TDU Presentations and crits are here at actionpactpix

Well after arriving in Adelaide and hiding around under the Pier getting some long exposure shots for the first couple of nights, (which I must admit are fun and a whole new thing for me).....We went a long to the green Edge Launch.....we had been invited by a friend and went thinking it was the general public thing at Rydges Hotel in Adelaide....No No was media and we had to sign and and say who we were representing so since I have written articles for the Gippy Times, that is who we were there for....we had a rather large media contingent at the launch......

It was interesting, lots of journos and photographers. I was suffering from major camera envy with a lot of gear there that I would love to have, but it is not about the camera it is about the person......

The womens team. I didn't use flash here just relied on high ISO (for the camera buffs)...and I had a 15-85mm on so I was under a lot of pressure here....The big time photographers all had two cameras and one had a 70-200mm (ENVY!!!)

Meyer, Gerrans and Goss all big names for he TDU (Oh and Robbie in the corner)

The Video in the Background was put together by Dan Jones and was really good......The guys all sang with Russell Morris in Molly Meldrums studios.....Good Lung capacity doesn't necessarily make a good singer!

Bill (my Father in Law) gets his Christmas Present signed!

Cam Meyer is amazing and will be focussing on the track for London Olympics!

Leigh Howards legs stood out from the bunch!....Now those are Quads.....

Media everywhere (including the Gippy Times!

Shane and Nick were unaware they were getting on TV....That is the funniest bit.......

The New Jersey

Again not  aware they were on TV, they just had the best place to see it all!

Turbo Durbo after his victory in the TT was requested to pose with the TT bike quite a lot!

Getting hats signed by every rider (my Green Edge hat is blank as I was too busy getting photos)

And the obligatory shot with the Road Race Champ.....Three Champs all together!
Got some good pics and Shane and Nick even featured on SBSS on the Green Edge Launch and I got my face on twitter too...but here are the highlights of my pics from the day

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