Saturday, January 28, 2012

Audax Alpine Classic 2012

The Alpine Classic, seven us from the Wellington Cycling Club all enjoying a weekend in Bright with some long rides. Temperature is expected to be 36C in Bright tomorrow and the temp at Hotham is expected to be 20C, so with all of us doing different rides, it is going to be a great day

The Alpine High Plains on the Drive over Hotham
Well now I am back riding and it is off to Bright for the Alpine Classic, so we packed the car and went off the Alpine Road over Hotham to Bright

Snow Poles mark the road from Hotham - No Snow thank Goodness
First Breakfast together all ready for a big weekend and perhaps a tad hungover!
Seven of us in the house and Ben ate everything.

Kids jumping off the diving board were font watch
Although we had our own "Baywatch" on patrol

Last meal before the Alpine was a carb night! Thanks to BEn for cooking!
Bens Meal vs an average meal
Ben Powering through
his diner
Ben not embarrassed about
his man-sized dinner

Loads of work going on in the shed
Nige working on Rubys Back wheel
Dave is the only sucker doing the 250km ride

Chris uses his mechanic skills

The Shed was looking serious1 

Tonight the weather is not looking crash hot??!!
Not sure there were going to be many attacks on Sunday

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