Saturday, July 2, 2011

Cycling Racing - Tour De River Stage 1

Took some pics today at the Bairnsdale and Riviera Cycling Club - Stage 1 (aka week one) of the Tour De River (also coinciding with the TDF which starts TONIGHT!!!!!!).....

Weather was perfect for today's stage and the wind was good to everyone on the open flat roads
The Tour DeRiver is a 4 week Tour which is a great way to get some racing in over winter. Next week is at Lindenow with more info available from Bairnsdale and Riviera club website

I took a few pics today at the Sprint point both Sprint No. 1 and Sprint No. 2 and unfortunately missed the final sprint for the win, but all results are available from the BRCC website.

A grade - The second half of A grade sprinting.
The race was well organised by the BRCC club and Katrina East showed her race director skills along with her father John.

More pics are on my website actionpactpix You can get a free copy of any file by:-

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WCC president!

WCC riders in B grade
There are 44 images from today.

This is a brief summary of the Tour (as borrowed from the BRCCwebsite.....)

This Tour consists of 5 stages over four days (stages 3 and 4 are on the same day) and is hosted solely by the Bairnsdale and Riviera Cycle Club.
Maps and course profiles will be added soon.

Stage 1 July 2nd at 2pmRoad Race of  51km starting at Bairnsdale Airport
Stage 2 July 9th at 2pmRoad Race of 52km starting at Lindenow Hall
Stages 3 and 4 July 16th at 2pmITT of 14km followed closely by a Road Race of 42km. ITT starts at Meerlieu School
Stage 5 July 23rd at 2pm (meet at Crave Café Nicholson Street Bairnsdale)Road Race of 50km in the Wy Yung hills area stage will have 2x KOM’sKOMand 2x SprintsSprint

I will also vouch for the food and "Hot Chocolates from "Crave Cafe" in Bairnsdale...Absolutely delicious and worth spending a few weekends racing the bike in the colder months for a nice hot drink and some yummy food at the finish.............

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