Sunday, July 17, 2011

A photography outing

Yesterday, I raced my bike at Meerlieu which is a small town....(NO NOT A TOWN ..there is no Bunnings!!!) is a farming AREA between Sale and Bairnsdale, anyway the important thing is on the way home I saw so many photo opportunities I had to go back today and get some shots and have a play with them in PS and LR (ie Photoshop and Lightroom to those who prefer to point and shoot!!)...

I just thought I would share some of my faves from today...mind you the sunset was so much more dramatic yesterday evening, but who didn't have a camera with them (after all I had a bike...two bikes as it was a time trial and a road race, and there was a lot of other things to pack, so tripod, lenses and filters and stuff wasn't high on the list!).

Today I headed out with camera (including charged batteries and memory cards) and tripod and lenses and polarising filter! Plan for the day was to get something that looked interesting!
Colors on the road, I just had to stop as it looks amazing
My first stop just before Chinns bridge, the sky looked great and there were a lot of colors around....

Two cheeky cockatoos peeking out at me!

When taking pictures, you drive and see animals and stop the car and they run like @#*& to get away. Seriously it is frustrating, so I was waiting in my car quietly. It was the car camouflaged into the background of the road....Yes the BRIGHT RED CAR! They were watching me carefully.

This was the best fun in Lightroom and Photoshop, just playing with levels and colors and stuff

This cow came back to have another look as he also ran away @#*& (which translates to FAST by the way)
This was just beautiful and I love the pink noses on these cows.......

Letterboxes on the way home and I had to risk getting run over to get this shot

So I had to try it in color too........The reflections looked great

I tried this in Lightroom and YES I can see I have to work on the Lens distortion correction a bit, but it will get there.

Basically I have just done a few quick adjustments to these shots to get a general feel of what I took today. It was a fun afternoon out (well about 2 hours) and I did get plenty more and as soon as I have some good shots I will be putting them on my actionpactpix site and redbubble. But at the moment they are work in progress.

I am planning an exhibition later in the year and there is more info to come on that and I am gradually building some images.

They are not finished images, just quickly loaded from camera to hard drive and played with just a bit.......for some fun!

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  1. I like the letter boxes, but think they would be better without the distraction of the tree. Can you frame the tree out so that you can just see the field in the background?



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