Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Very excited about photography

I am in a new phas of photography and planning to become very organised in managing images (which as anyone who is just starting can tell you.....there is a minefield of ways to manage your images). You just dont' want a dog's breakfast of files and folders and some on one hard drive and some on the lap top and some "lost" missing...You need to be organised..........

I bought Lightroom 3 and a Book by Scott Kelby called Lightroomn 3 book for digital photographers. The first thing I need to say is that the book and the whole package are both amazing. The book really gives some fantastic advice on how to get the most out of downloading and copying and backing up images and what is important to do.

I am abou to buy a new Portable Hard drive purely for back up. The book also talks about how good Lightroom 3 is for transferring images to say other programs, Flickr and there are You Tude videos I have watched which also talk about exporting to Facebook and Picasa and the like which makes the whole thing so much easier to manage images. Instead of having large set and a blog/facebook set of smaller images.
Good idea to get an organised workflow.
I also want to buy the following:-
70-200mm Lens
Grey Card
Light Meter
Fold Up Reflector
A few filters
The list goes on..............

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