Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Drought from photography

Well, just an update to celebrate my return to photography...(YAY...lots of screaming and clapping and drumrolls and everything........!!!). Anyway I now have to time get the camera out and get back into it.

I tried to get inspired on May 18th with a visiti to the Swing Bridge at some ridiculous time of the morning and I took theses pics, but it was almost too foggy, I did get some at the Port of Sale too but the fog was a bit overpowering

Olde Swing Bridge at the Port of Sale
It was an interesting time to be taking pics, and a word of warning, be very careful as the South Gippy higway is busy at that time of day. I had planned on getting a few more, but with such thick fog and limited vision, I thought the Old Swing Bridge was the safest option (and interesting anyway, with lots of textures too.
The old Bricks, which I am sure will provide more interest when I get my photographer head back in place.
The Port of Sale is one of my favorite places to photograph.

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