Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Stylish shoot

About two months ago I bought a pair of stripey tights which I have been dying to use in a photo shoot and yesterday I was in the studio with Olivia, another bike rider and amongst the shots we got were some stripey tight shots and jusy daggy stuff which I have big photoshop plans for, but for now I can show you some of the fantastic studio stuff we did...I am only just at the beginning of editing but here are my two favorites and I will definately let you know about the surreal image I complete when it is done...cant wait
I must thank Tanya a huge amount as she helped me no end with the styling and everything which was awesome and Olivia was a fantastic model. I definately want to do a real Grunge shoot with Olivia which will be fun..... I am only letting you see one shot as the rest havent been done yet and Olivia will get to see them first! The stripey tights shots are part of a great idea I have had, but that is a few weeks away as I need beach pics too........

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