Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tour of Bright - a few pics

Whilst I was at the Tour of Bright for racing and not for photography, I had the camera out to take some pics of a friend doing the ITT, I also managed to get some pics of the TFM boys at the Time Trial (they were in the same age group) and so have placed them on the site. View the pics here

My pics mainly included the TFM guys and Ben Dowsett from the Wellington Club who was completing his first Tour of Bright and who did quite well in a very strong hill climbing field. The only time the camera came out was for about an hour at the Time Trials. I was saving all of my own energy for the climb up Hotham on Sunday.

David Sturt who came second in the Mens Masters 4/5 at the ITT in Bright

Ben Dowsett from the Wellington Club who gave the ITT a go (with no bars...even though we told him bars were GOOD!)

At the presentations, this is what the Tour is really about - a lot of very fit looking legs........(maybe they are your legs?)

When you are riding the Tour - Tired legs and the road just seems to keep on going ....and going.......This is Hotham!(and this is the flat bit!)
 Personally, I found myslef digging to that little place inside your mind that says, "I can do this" I just know I can. Just to keep the pedals rolling was a huge effort. Congratulations to all of those who just tapped away on the pedals and climbed the mountain with minimal effort (or so it seemed).......

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