Sunday, October 27, 2013

Stratford to Dargo 2013

Well Wellington Cycling Club served up a fantastic race again this year thanks to all the enthusiastic volunteers, Cyclesport Victoria and the bunch of awesome cyclists wanting to challenge themselves against the "Wall" this year.


I went along and took a few pics at the start and will post them all to my website on Wednesday, they are totally random and about the mood of the start which is always "nervous" "excited" "full of anticipation" and "FIT".

I did see Jo Upton there with her camera to take pics along the way, along with a few other people with cameras, and so she will have some great pics too and as soon as I have her site link I will put it here. BUT for now here are some pics from the start:-
(Anyone with pics who have them posted anywhere, let me know the link )

Officials all getting their GAME on!

Plenty of room to set up your windtrainer and get ready to ride

Ready to race today and beat THE WALL

Always plenty of representation at these events from Melbourne Clubs

Yellow shoes and socks fast becoming a TREND

Bus seats for the trip home - BOOK NOW

A Grade start to line up at the start

Ready to race

More representatives from the Red and Black - Hampton Cycles 

Gerard Donnelly and Tim McGrath regular achievers in the masters

Tim McGrath easy to spot in a crowd

Local Warragul riders - have Baw Baw in their backyard so they will be hard to beat

A few last words between theses local Latrobe City Riders

and a contingent from Wellington Cycling Club and WCC commessaire 

Tunksy from LCCC lends a hand driving a lead car

A Range of moods 

Happy cyclist - but will the climb lose the smile?

Part of a large contingent from Hawthorn Cycling Club

Now about the "Pick a Plank" bridge???

Kristy Glover another local rider has a smooth start (are her legs taped on?)

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