Sunday, November 3, 2013

Showjumping at the Sale Show

The more time I spend around Horse Riding events and Horse Riders, the more I am in awe of these beautiful animals. When I received a phone call yesterday to come and watch some of the showjumping and bring your camera, I leapt at the chance as  I love watching horse events.

Well the showjumping I got to see was fantastic and I was caught between taking pics and playng with camea settings and just sitting and watching the horses and the relationship between the rider and horse.

Here is a selection of pics I took, and I learned a few things:-

- Find a better (not so "busy" spot to take the pics),
- Try different shutter speeds and lenses
- Have a bit more of a walk around (if you can), and find the best spot.

Full pics from today will be published at in the next few days. :)

In the background the Sale show was in full swing

Laying on the ground with a wide angle

Love this horse

Leaning in

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