Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Presidents Cup 22nd October 2011

Well as we know it, Stuart Derham (Stewie), is a strong rider who takes off and does all kinds of long distance crazy rides at times, however he can't win a Presidents Cup unless he has riders from his club there to support him! Wellington had been threatened by Mr Derham and so arrived in force (16 At last count) to protect their NEWLY elected president Kevin Read from humiliation in the battle of the clubs!

Now maybe WCC riders thought that Ready would need all the help he could get (which is similar to the BRCC mindset, Stewie could take on those WCC riders on his own and still win!!!).....well with a battle of 16 to 3 it was going to be a walkover, Collingwood Grand Final, massacre, FUN DAY OUT ON THE BIKE!!!

Highlights included
- Kristy taking a wrong turn and heading off into the wild yonder on the ITT
- Grant becoming the sacrificial lamb for three very competitive WCC riders in the TTT
- Kevin Read experiencing a WIN (President's WIN)
- Dave Murray being responsible for a wrong turn in the TTT (rumour has it he was involved in the Kristy incident too....rumour I said!
- Ready saved in finishing last in the ITT by Kristy
- A BRCC winning the B grade road race
- BRCC supplying enough riders for a TT team
- Stewie taking the loss graciously
- Olivia's fantastic ride in the road race and winning her sprint

Full pics are available from actionpactpix. This is a teaser of some of the pics...the more emotion-charged pics from the day!

Results will be available from both club websites later in the week and I am sure WCC might have a bit of bragging to do as I am sure BRCC would have done had the shoe been on the other foot!

Some were along for a FUN day

Come on Olivia...Alkl the way to the Line! (Good Practice for the road race!)

One in each bunch was doing it TOUGH! (Guess who?)

One in this bunch looks like he has had the ride of his life...What an Effort!

John was doing it tougher than Ben and Dean!

Kristy powered along and it was hurting!

Stewie mustered his troops and the message was WIN!

WHO thinks they can beat WCC? Kidding themselves aren't they!!!

Still need to put in a good effort - GAME FACE ON!

No pressure on the previous president

I think I told Kristy to turn Left back there?
She'll turn up...eventually!

This is a Win for WCC (and a WIN for ME..
.I don't get many of those!)

Next Year "We'll be BACK"

One for Bairnsdale!!!!!,,,,,Where are you
Wellington Riders NOW???

GAME ON for next year.........A warning to all!

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