Saturday, July 14, 2012

Tour De Riviera Stage 2

Pics will be up at actionpactpix website later tonight....There are around 136 pics.....Great pics of the sprint and hill climb in A grade as you can see how it unfolds......

Firstly I apologise humbly for last week referring to the Tour De Riviera as something else.......WHOOPS......Anyway in True "TOUR" style today is a travelogue of the beautiful Alpes De Mossiface and surrounding areas.....I didn't see Gabriel Gate in my travels, but I did see Marc Bouten and he is an awesome cook too so that should count......(I also saw a church....Gate is always talking about "cheeses".....think about it.....!!!)

Today's stage was 3 laps of a 19km circuit with some tough climbing and the third lap certainly saw everyone's legs tested and A grade finish was strung out to the max.

- Nobody went near the white line in the sprint finishes......It was a like a hot potato
- Looks like Simon Whitford and Al Campbell were on the campaign trail to go back to/ stay in B grade
- Good to see so many A grade riders contesting the race, although Tim Boote looked way too strong.......from the sprint and hill climbs I saw (and race finish).
- Again Chris Dungey had the whole race organised like clockwork
- Interesting to talk to the McConnell's about Daniels upcoming Olympic race and the level of commitment he has had to training this year.........if you want to try just one thing, then fill up your bath with ice and cold water and jump in for a cold water plunge.......(you can read about Plunge Pools here. (just an article I found about the science).

Lots of highlights but since most of us like to look at a pic of ourselves (but not admit I look Fast/Toned/Fat/Muscly/Strong/Fastest in the bunch, maybe its just me!...but I don't think, here is the first sample:-

Not quite a French restaurant.....but still a local eatery!

Keeping the riders in line........and making it look easy

Up the first climb........but this isn't even the KOM???

Just an obligatory Cow watching the efforts up the climb

Here is the view for those who missed it!

B grade on that first climb

and C grade on the first climb....yes B and C had been shattered!

A grade on the first sprint....note nobody was near the line........

More riders on the first sprint...

With only one lap to go.....Katrina cut her race short...some of us have to get to work

On the KOM on the second lap........Mind you the points had already been taken.......

Fighting for points in B grade KOM

Not sure but are C grade smiling on the KOM?

Some weren't smiling with a lap to go!

More scenery.....see it is a travelogue!

The final sprint..........well the start of it....Tim Boote leads, Mick O'Connor and Mike Renehan

A jubilant Boote

What a great day for a race!

Bruce, you have to cross the line to get the points!

A successful day out on the bike..

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