Sunday, May 13, 2012

Come and Try cycling day

Wellington Cycling Club asked me to take some pics at the club "Come and Try Day" held at a new residential estate in Sale, the Woondella Estate. It was going to be a big day, with free spin classes, and bikes to ride and music and racing. Craig Keane from the club had put in a huge amount of work to get the days activities all planned and everyone was excited.

Bikes ready to TRY!
At least until this morning when the icy weather and showers began, but not toe be deterred, everyone pushed on as it looked like the weather might just be perfect after all the sky was clearing and there was blue sky and clouds showing which was exactly what the club wanted

Everything was going well, so the spin bikes and the gazebos were set up and the barbecue was lit. Thanks to Lindsay Schilg from GJ Gardner homes for his BBQ skills. (it was the warmest place to be)

Ready to go
With the first Gazebo out, the sun was out, it looked great

Everyone pitched in
Then the weather turned a little bit nasty, here is a perfect comparison, I took a pic of a bike on the roof of a car and then FIFTEEN MINUTES LATER took the same pic again!!!!!!!!

The AFTER shot

Everyone took shelter from the "Storm" which lasted about fifteen minutes

The Gazebos were worth their weight in GOLD

The car was a warm option
People kept coming back for more of the warmest option around! A snag in some bread

Ben soon became the poster boy of the day
But Nick seemed to do more laps - Even to just keep warm

Come and Try a bike was all about riding a racing bike and learning the gears

Hmmm not how they were designed
Cyclesport Victoria had made the trip up from Melbourne along with around 20 bikes, for people to ride around the Woondella Estate and get the feel for road riding.

They got some customers!!!

Cyclesport Vic promote racing cycling especially for newbies to the sport as cycling caters to people of so many levels, it is unique like that and you can jump on a bike and come and have a race and just be in the great outdoors doing something you love.

EASY when you say it like that!

The spin classes were off, but new moves were discovered on the spin bikes!

Finally everything was all go, although it seems a lot of people were missing. COLD and WET EARLY

The weather had finally come out 
The bikes were still packed  
The Push N Pedal crew had been ready for bike services and lots of questions

Members of the club were all going to put on a race later in the morning
But the wind came up so it was time to pack up again

Suddenly bike racing became Gazebo Chasing!

And the last gazebo was packed up in the next paddock!
Mike on hand
Team Effort

Grant helps too
The day was over and keeping warm on the bike was the easiest
Great job to Craig Keane for organising the day and seriously the whole logistics on the day were great and you would have to say the day was successful......BUT the weather was uncontrollable and so as a result the aim of getting people who ride bikes together to show them about racing, talk bikes and help others with basic bike questions.....then perhaps the club just missed the mark.

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