Sunday, April 29, 2012

Keith and Max Rowley Handicap

Wellington Cycling Club held the annual keith and max Rowley handicap at Briagolong today, a 65km Combine handicap. ON arrival, it was a glorious day with not much wind and there seemed to be quite a few riders gathering.

As the race is on every year and not everyone is familiar with the Rowley story, this link gives a brief summary of their bike riding achievements. You would agree that the brothers have some impressive wins.

Full results will be available at Wellington Cycling Club but it was a jubilant Garry Cotterill from the limit bunch who won the race leaving Linc Kelly to take Fastest Time.

Briagolong is a lovely little town approx 30km fro Sale and has a really lovely feel to it, there are a few interesting shops and then you can either have lunch at the bakery which had some great looking selections, or try the pub if a cold beer was more to your liking. Like a lot of places, you just wish you made an effort to get there more often to relax and look is a great launching pad for camping weekends, so now feeling like I have done my bit for East Gippsland Tourism will show you some of the pics I took today whilst out and about at the bike race:-

All pics are up at actionpactpix........a few more of riders included as this is just a brief selection with a bit of editing!...if you look at the pics, you will find out which three riders don't shave their legs!

Cute shops everywhere

Check out some art!

The Briag Pub

A sense of ambience

At the start of the race 

Grant don't forget to tell them you are paying to 6th place!

Legs in Unison........SERIOUSLY - Doesn't anyone own a razor?

Perfect place to get away from it all

This bunch all working together

OK, I was sitting on the ground and waiting and thought "Hey I  will take pics of the grass......"

Craig Keane always gets in the front for a pic

This horse was having a great time at Briag!

I felt guilty for interrupting his space

Tom Dellar takes off on Stu's bike after a puncture

Stu and Ready loading Tom's bike into the car....I think Stu had seriously had enough today

The bunch is slowly getting bigger now as more riders get caught

More riders in sight

Just before the final RH turn, everyone is starting to string out as the pace is ON!

A happy team of marshals makes for a good safe race

Someone began to crank the pace up in the final straight.........some were suffering

Chris was more like a goal umpire than a finish line marshall

Garry Very happy to have taken out the final sprint

Linc looks happy too to take Fastest time 

Damien Crozier sprints for minor placings, leaving Simon Anderson (out of the picture), behind him........Simon did mention that Damien won on the line but was still technically 7 minutes back......huh??? Competitive workmates!

Linc Collects Fastest Time

The podium, Gary, Leigh Thompson and Ross Wembridge all congratulated by Mrs Rowley

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