Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Paynesville Corporate Triathlon - Part Two...

In case you missed Part One

I have edited the bike pics and I managed to get a lot of riders (but not everyone), 211 photos of bike leg only are uploading to here

With over 100 teams of three there were a ton of bikes all numbered up, waiting for their riders, from the most serious of triathletes with aero helmet, deep dish wheels, full tri suit

To comfy t-shirt, runners and mountain bike

Right through to this bike complete with basket and I believe a GPS (being held?....maybe another use for Iphone) 

The expressions on peoples faces ranged from happiness in being part of this great event

To nerves?? about the hill just ahead

and those who were out for fun and wanted to tell the world that they were smashing this

The owner of the Green bike, obviously had used the WD40 and was speeding down the road ready to take on the hill

NO whips were needed to keep this machine under control...a lot of work went in though, the "horse" has a head, a body (around the top bar), and a tail......Great effort!

As long as you checked off the list on the way out, the bike didnt matter, you just had to race (or ride), 7kms and get back to race or at least run/jog the final 2kms to finish

Then perhaps head over to Gary Jackson from Giant Bicycles to check out a new Giant

With the pictures, you can download facebook size files for free, just add to cart (digital downloads) and follow the prompts, they are only a small file, but a great way to show off your acheivement of a triathlon...unfortunately I wasn't able to get everyone on the bike, but the run pics are coming so check back on Wednesday...they are all just waiting to upload.

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