Sunday, February 19, 2012

Actionpactpix has a double whammy weekend.

Well, the whole idea of getting out there in the world of photography has been good and there has been some positive feedback on my images which is great.
I am loving the variety of sports and events I have been to and this weekend I went to Nippers on Saturday and then to the Paynesville Corporate Triathlon today. I have taken a lot of images and will be editing them over the next few days and putting a selection on my website at but today was fantastic for so many reasons.

The Triathlon run by the Riviera Triathlon Club "RTC" in Bairnsdale was about participation and getting people of all levels involved and they certainly achieved that. The RTC also raised $10,000-00 towards the Lakes Entrance Surf Lifesaving Club in the process to buy a Surfboat for rescues (as pictured in the following photo).
RTC event organiser Ryan Cross Presents Kristine Cordery from the Lakes Entrance Surf Lifesaving Club a cheque for $10,000-00
So a sneak peek of how my day at the Triathlon unfolded:-

4:45am - Alarm goes off, I am off to a big event and no nervous pre-race issues as I am not racing, but double checked I had everything, including the all important sunscreen!!
6:20am - Arrive in Paynesville and see how it is unfolding
Rolling out the Blue Carpet
I can see it has been a massive event to organise and there are people everywhere, AND a whole bunch worked harder yesterday to set things up.Then I found the most important person of all.......after it it was still very early and COFFEE was needed....

The Mobile Coffee Machine didn't take long to have queues forming
As the sun was beginning to come up, the athletes were all obviously either still getting valuable sleep, or were on their way from all over Gippsland (and even Melbourne)

The Rotary ladies had started preparing for the sausage sizzle (no cooking was being done here as the men were yet to arrive and a BBQ needs men to cook it)

A contingent from GIANT set up near the finish line to assist everyone with any bike problems from pumping up a tyre to realigning gears, they even had a range of Giant bikes there for "test rides" or in case of emergency.

The Start-Finish line is the most important for any competitor..
Security was tight in the bike transition area.

Nobody comes in here without the accreditation
The standout was easily the variety of bikes being ridden in this event. Normally a triathlon would have something like.....carbon fibre, carbon fibre, carbon fibre.....disc wheel, tri spokes, deep dish wheels, disc wheel.........but not here...

For some it was time to show off the good gear:-

For some it was a serious affair
Others were there to enjoy their ride in the sun and perhaps find a use for that can of WD40 in the shed.

OK, for others it was a time to rescue their bikes from Hard Rubbish........(maybe time to test drive a new Giant!)

Whilst others were just out on a limb doing whatever made them happy

Others had their "steeds" fed and watered in transition happy to wait for their rider to "saddle up"
So that is how it unfolded......the athletes were all arriving and it was an 8am start. The event was teams of three and each person had to complete a 1km run, a 7km ride and then a 2km run and tag their next team member.

I am going to work on some photos now and they should be completed by Wednesday and can be viewed at once they are all uploaded. I havent got photos of everyone, but I managed to get a lot of people.

.......Part 2 to come.....stay tuned.......

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