Sunday, January 8, 2012

Just get 'That" Shot!

Today I had another fantastic Photo Shoot. I am so excited to get the good images and I just love sports, so today was the double whammy when I went to Lakes Entrance (where I grew up), and took pics at the Surf Life Saving Training and it was awesome fun. Just walking across the footbridge which I hadn't walked across for years to get to the beach was my first highlight. You know that feeling of stepping back in time and just reuniting with your past. This was going to be a fun day. I was expecting about 20 kids and a few parents and about an hour of training. Well there were about 80 kids and loads of helpers and trainers and parents and they all had uniforms which look awesome in pics and it was going to be a difficult decision to know what to shoot......

The Surf Life Savers Main Home where they can see the swimmers
I must say I was so impressed with the enthusiasm shown by all of the volunteers who organised theses kids into groups and the safety protocols and help provided to the kids. The kids were all sportsmanlike and helpful to each other as well which was impressive to watch. I think I walked away from my day just so impressed with the amount of fun the kids had, whilst actually training, improving their fitness, getting outside and into the surf water, it was fantastic to see.

Swim between the flags!

Even the kids were all enthusiastic to the end, and even though some were quite young, they just all seemed to love it and were rotated around the activities and never lost interest

The flags were my favorite activity as the kids literally fly through the air to get the flags!

Waiting for instruction

All the instructors were enthusiastic and explained things well, even when doing the same activity over and over for the day, and had to explain to different age groups so had to use different methods at times.

Loved the boards, the ocean, the uniform's, the color, even without any kids, there were so many opportunities to play with photography...

The kids were all worked hard, from activities, from introdcution to surf, to first aid training, to running, to running up sand dunes, it was non-stop for two hours

Instructors even demonstrated the tougher stuff!
All I can say, is if you want a fun day out yourself, whilst involving your kids as well, then enrol them into nippers, they will have a ball. They get to learn First Aid and complete fitness activities whilst having fun with a whole group of other kids in their age group. You will get to interact with other parents and volunteers and you might just end up with a job for the morning, even a simple job of moving your group along from one activity to another. I know not all Nippers clubs would have as many people involved. BUT Lakes Entrance had it all sorted and it looked great fun for everyone involved.....
In the background, I think some instructors celebrated with a hallelujah!

Like I said lots of opportunities for pics
For More info about Lakes Entrance Nippers Club
Look at their website at Lakes Entrance Surf Life Saving Club Website
Winding down a session with a jog on the beach sand now that is tough!

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