Sunday, December 11, 2011

Wade Crt Crit Champs TODAY

While I am waiting for my final ITT gallery from Bright to load, I thought I would quickly write a note about todays race at Wade Crt. After a break from Wade Court, it was great to have the final crit of the year although rain looked like it might be on the horizon, we had around 17 riders which was lower than expected, but still made for some good racing.

Topics of the day were (not necessarily in this order....)

1. Could Dave Arnup make it a clean sweep in championship races this year
2. Can somebody tell Matesy that it is now December
3. Were Ready and Dave M really sprinting or organising a property deal?
4. What happened to John BOdey, one minute he is streeting away and a lap later is 10 lengths behind?
5. What is with the blue tape on Nick Jehu's legs?
6. but after the racing importantly that Kristy Glover has been offered a place a team in Melbourne, with a 6th place in womens A grade racing today at St Kilda and will be now racing for the Holden Womens team......

Then it was onto a BBQ at the old presidents house where presentations were held for the years champions racing:-

1. Dave Arnup did win Champion Overall trophy in A grade but A grade race didnt finish due to a fall.
2. Thanks to Paul Dashwood for reminding Ready that the B grade championship trophy had not been presented (PS Congratulations Paul)
3. Where was catrwoman?
4. Who won the iPad?
 Today's Pics will be Located here (click to see them)
Could Dave make it a clean sweep?

Rob was smiling before he unfortunately crashed out.......he is ok though

The B grade bunch

Deans face shows what he thinks of Alecs facial hair!!

Another rider who today found that sitting on the back of the bunch was not the best place to be!!!

Is Grant snoozing whilst he is riding?

What is with the tape? It does match his bike though

A sprint or a property deal?

Sprinting for 3rd in C grade...Grant is now wide awake!
5. Photos of the BBQ to come later...........

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