Monday, December 12, 2011

Time Trial pics - there was something on the ground!

The Time Trial was the event where I was determined to get some good scenic shots, so I left Bright with plenty of time to spare and drove the course and I not only found a camera all set up to take pics along the way. It was Stephen Harman from "captured" you can see his TOB pics at Captured

I thought it was the best place I had seen, with minimal distractions along the way so I planted myself in a gutter and began a long afternoon of taking pics.......nearly four hours of sitting in a gutter getting sunburned....but I loved every minute of it.

I was really happy with my pics of the ITT and they can be seen at actionpact pix Tour of Bright

I am finalising Hotham and Presentations today and tomorrow, but I love the scenery in the ITT pics.

I have attached a few pics here, a series I call "Oh no, I can't believe I did that!!!"....I admit I have spent too much time staring at a computer screen this week!

I can't believe I just dropped that Gel I was
going to have that on the way back

What did you drop mate? A GEL!!
On a time trial

I didn't think people ate Gels on Time Trials this

What is that on the ground...OMG I think it is a Gel!

Hey you are right it is a Gel and a great flavour too!

I think that is a new Gel flavour - Must see if Cycling Tips have done a review of that one!

Who has got time to eat Gels on Time Trials, but that looks pretty nice!

YUK I have eaten those and they are terrible!

Can't believe that all of these "Non-Alpine"
people concern themselves with the ground
"Check out the scenery"

And get a good picture of me too....This is my better side

Gels, Scenery, blah blah, what about Heart Rate?

That looks like a nice camera you have there!

I wondered whether a beard mean't bad aero?
Just because it is not 6am - we can still ride fast! Sorry for yawning!

"What the hell is that guy wearing"

Disclaimer - The whole series above is totally made up and there was no Gel on the road......The final picture has one of the Wellington Cycling Club riders wearing what he thought might be good time trial gear in the Alpine region "Forgetting that is was about 26 degrees"...........and yes we know him and he copped it about "that outfit" all weekend!

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