Sunday, October 30, 2011

Criterium racing and NEW LENS

Today was a huge day for me, I got to take my new 70-200mm out for a test run and as much as people say size doesn't matter......I can tell you it DOES!.....Especially with the added bonus of that old F word....well F STOP (Aka aperture)......oh lets move along.

WCC had the first crit for the season and the weather held off and so it was a perfect day. Numbers not as high as the club might have liked. BUT great to see Rob Murray have a killer win in C grade, returning rider Mick O'Connor have a convincing win in A grade and Dean Macintosh take it on the line in B grade.

This was my first practice with the lens before it gets its big test next weekend at the Stratford to Dargo race on the Saturday. Should be awesome day for those racing although a tough day on the bike........

Back to the LENS! (This is my actionpactpix blog after all).

New things I learned:-

1. You have to stand further back from the place you want to get the pics
2. You don't have a wide lens on the camera so forget the big wide finish, and
3. This lens is awesome as you can get the sneaky (nobody saw me take it) shot!

Here are a few pics with notes on why they were significant today. All pics will be available at actionpactpix by Monday lunchtime at and excuse the rushed post processing on these but I was so excited to show off my work from my new lens today. So I am still just loading them onto the website but they take a while to load. Again I expect there to be around 100 pics which means everyone is in quite a few.

Lots of control over depth of field

Easy to zoom in and get the details

Again can zoom in and get the details

Even dogs aren't safe

The L series lens is quite sharp

There was a good line with this, but basically I walked past this snail and pointed camera downward

Good for action sprints

Must remember to stand further away

Again depth of field is great so I tried something different

Nice and clear

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