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Sunday, I had the pleasure of cruising along to the Ride4epilepsy which was being held at Sandown Park, and I had a gig as a photographer for the event which was great and meant I got to try out lots of things (some worked and some didn't). Overall I am very happy with a lot of pictures and it was an exciting day.

Move over V8's it was time for the real machines!
Just a quick history though on why am I there taking pictures at this event. It meant more than just improving my photography, like for most riders, it was more than just a day on the bike. Two years ago I was diagnosed with a seizure problem, following a bad bike accident some 6 years prior to that and I was started on anti-epileptic medication. Unfortunately it cost me my career as an ambulance paramedic and for a while I thought it had cost me "my world", but like most of us who find that their goalposts have shifted in life, I have now moved on to a new career and am really enjoying my photography and loving my new job teaching first aid. When I read about this ride I knew I had to be involved but I had just had another crash on my bike and was recovering from a fractured kneecap and other injuries and hadn't been on the bike for around 7 weeks, so photos was a good option. Then to cut a long story short 2 friends who had children with a lot of medical issues which included epileptic seizures were talking about riding and raising funds and I knew I had to be involved. I contacted the Epilepsy foundation and was signed on as a volunteer to take pictures, putting together a package of prices for anyone who may want to order some prints.

Some riders took it as a chance to get their teams together and train while raising money
Some were there for "different" reasons, and the aero was the word for this guy!

Pictures will be available on Wednesday 28th September at 

6X4 $5-50
5X7 $6-60             
8x10 $8-80
8X12 $11-00

(Add postage of $8-00, orders over $10-00 from this section get 1/2 price postage)

Basic Package is 1 x 6x4 plus 2 x  5x7 for only $7-00 plus $8-00 postage
Team Package is 1 x 8x12 plus 6 x 5x7 and 4 x 6x4 for $42-00 plus $8-00 postage

If you buy a package and add more than $10-00 worth of single prints you get 1/2 price postage (shown as a $4-00 discount on your order)

Facebook sampler (with actionpactpix watermark) is FREE
High Res JPEG file is $15-00 (Pixels 2587 x 3864) - Unlimited Downloads
Customer JPEG file 5Mpx is $8-00 - (Pixels 1829x2732 / Approx print 8x10) - Access for one month

(note some files are small and may not be available in some sizes and downloads)

If you buy more than $10-00 worth of digital downloads you also get a $4-00 discount
Questions to 

 The event was extremely well co-ordinated and Emma Moore from the Epilepsy foundation along with a whole band of helpers had done an awesome job. Along with John Trevorrow from cycling events downunder, it seemed that everything was thought of for a slick operation, the only thing that was missing were more riders but next year I am sure a lot of people will see some great benefits of participating in something like this:-

- Sure there is an entry fee, but you can then train (and quality train for SIX HOURS!!!), without seeing a car! and your money goes to a good cause
- With summer on its way and some good racing around the corner, what a way to spend a Sunday!
- If you are contemplating a big BV ride, like "Around the Bay", or the Great Victorian Bike Ride, you can see where your fitness lies as of NOW.
- The circuit was perfect for those putting in a monster effort, and those families with young children who also appreciated a closed circuit for young riders.
- The photos will certainly show a wide variety of participants, families, racing cyclists on very blingy bikes and those who just wanted to dust off an old banger out of the shed.

It was a very pleasant Sunday ride for many

a good serious training hit-out for others

or a cruise with the family

In addition, you were timed every lap and could then look up your results when you got home that night to see how you went, your fastest lap and number of laps completed.

There was fantastic timing equipment,
timing every lap
You could see your cumulative
total over the day and
"beat your friends"

There was coffee and food and a chance to try out some sports drinks and you could meet a celebrity commentator like Scott McGrory, Michael Roberts and Gary Neiwand who all had some great things to talk about with their riding (and football), and for the Collingwood diehards, Joffa was there to talk Magpies.

Two that stood out in my mind from the event were:-

- The number of riders discussing how great it was to be able to train or ride on open roads for 6 hours and not see a car, and

- The inspiring stories from those families touched by Epilepsy and how they manage from day to day. Marion Clignet a 6 time world champion cyclist was there to share her story on how a diagnosis of epilepsy changed her life and she rode like the champion she is for the 6 hours.

Marion Clignet was very inspiring and has a book called Tenacious which demonstrates how we choose to live our life!
Without doubt the most inspirational ride of the day was from Teamkelly, Linc Kelly with children suffering from epilepsy had made it his goal to ride non-stop for six hours and even had other team mates bring him food and water. He just kept going and ended up with a total of 67 laps and being the rider who managed the longest distance, along with his team who
Team Kelly (Linc is 4th from left).
Everybody just felt like this guy after 6 hours (or whatever you rode), in the saddle.

Discuss the big game this coming Saturday

Motorbike support vehicle was on the course all day (a nice big Harley Davidson)

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