Sunday, August 21, 2011

Tour of Wellington - Stage 3 (Final Stage)

Wellington Cycling Club turned on the weather for the final stage of the Tour of Wellington. A three stage event over three weeks, this tour follows the very successful Tour de Riviera hosted by the Bairnsdale Club and both Tours with the Paynesville crit thrown in the middle manage to provide some excellent rivalry between the two clubs over the quiet winter months. Being on the sidelines I managed to capture some pics of the day and have posted them at actionpactpix website.

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Some samples of the images I took are here:-
I have to get some scenery too, it was a beautiful day here in Stratford
A Grade - Shane tells me he did a lot of work too, but my pics tell me a different story????

Olivia had the magic "Cadel" tape on her bars, which helped in the first sprint!
Just like in B Grade the C grade sprint was very close. Mike gets into "judging" position
Stewie, serves it up to Shane in another sprint

Paul Dashwood happy to finish in B grade, no win on the day, but he managed to score the overall for B Grade for the Tour.

Ben Dowsett, takes overall Tour honours in A Grade
Damien Crozier takes the overall in C Grade, a the lovely Wa-DeLock winery.
Overall it was a successful tour with a power of work being done by Grant Smith and Mike Renehan to make the numbers add up and keep everyone happy and next year the rivalry will continue over the usually drab winter months where instead of just hiding inside with the SBS coverage of cycling, everyone gets out on the road to experience the Tours in the Local Areas. :)

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