Sunday, January 30, 2011

Wellington Cycling Club

OK, it is the first race of 2011 for Wellington Cycling Club and I decided not to race (too tired/lazy/full of excuses as a cyclist)....anyway I took a few snaps between manning a crner and makeing sure that nobody got run over by a truck and they are available for viewing or even purchase, by going to or contact me on .

Results for the Day - A grade - Chris Jehu, B grae -Gary Jago and C grade -John Verey

Anyway I played with a few shots and here are a couple that I have on the website.

If you are on facebook I have some loaded and tagged which are smaller files.

Catching onto the back of a bunch
Legh Ryan leads grade around the corner

A & C graders wait for their start

Dean and Kane in A grade

Ready leads Phil around a corner in C grade

The obligatory Dean pain faced pic

B grade - whos working?

Mike looks like it is a walk in the park.....and he does some fantastic sprinting

A row of shadows as Mike leads Kristy into the corner

Chris and Kristy - teamwork!

Olivia worked well at the start of the race and then Gary tried to lead her to the sprints

Matesy is focussed

Heading off into the wild blue yonder (this is my artsy pic)

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