Monday, February 7, 2011

Wedding - A taste of the wedding photographer

I went to a fabulous wedding on Saturday. We knew the people getting married very well and Shane is credited as having the idea to get Emma and Andrew together. (Love by Dove)...but they were truly in love...anyway it was an awesome day although the weather was very testing as it rained all day, but the wedding was a t a winery called Toms Cap winery near Traralgon and it is an amazing venue for a wedding, there is a chapel and a function centre and it was just beautiful.

I wasn't official photographer, but I used the day as a learning curve to get some experience in the do's and dont's of wedding photography. I built a big list of things not to do (I think I did all of them). Basically I stayed away from the photographer as I didnt want to get in her way as one thing I have read is that one photographer (or team) is best as then the wedding party are always looking at the right camera! I did learn that you need to get closer, as my lens was straining in the given light with an aperture of 5.6 at times and my flash from way back. But a couple of the things I learned include:-

- Know the venue (I didn't)
- Get close to the action (I didnt't)
- Be assertive with the couple (I didnt get to do this, but I saw the photographer ask them to stand a particular way, so I was learning from the experienced)
- Be ready for that "moment", a grin, a laugh, something cute, something different. (I often wasnt as I was trying to just enjoy the wedding too....and I kept forgetting that I had my camera on manual focus and I have to learn more about focus spots on auto as some of my pics were blurry as the camera focussed on the wrong bit)
- Use manual focus or know how to override your autofocus, I underestimated the depth of field problems using autofocus with the poor lighting and I was too far away with my flash for the service.

I also learned that you have to be "on" all day...just ready for a picture, to give a direction etc...even when I was just trying to have some fun. I must admit I learned heaps and heaps and might do some more research on wedding photographers and give it a go when I think I am ready. There is a lot to learn and I have made a lot of notes!....OH when people say to read your camera manual and when in doubt read it again....Guess what I am doing this week??? Oh and PRACTICE PRACTICE...try different lighting and different times of day. This is not a guide on how to do a wedding, more of a guide on how not to.....

I have gone through my pics now and have found some good shots and so I have included a couple here, it was a lovely wedding and I feel very thankful to be on the list if guests

I tried to look for details so noseying around.....

A nervous groom being reassured by the celebrant

The groom and groomsmen, brothers, all looking very alike

The bride and her father..I guess this is a staple wedding image.
I was trying to find the right moments in the ceremony to take pics, I took a lot

More of a solemn moment, this was challenging, and I played with some finishes for the photos as I had a lot of pics, so to make them look a bit original instead of a heap of the same, I changed a few into BW and antique finishes

I tried to look at everyone and get in the heads of all of those in the wedding party
Not a great picture, but the weather check and the face of the groomsman said a lot
The Bride and Groom signing, with the witness (the brides brother)

This is Toms Cap winery function room (they have two), it is just a perfect size

The wedding cake had a lovely message too, so in my noseying around, I took a few of the cake from different angles

The white umbrellas were the wedding party getting pics taken with the photographer....too cute, this little line of umbrellas in the vineyard

Toms Gap Vineyard, the view across the back of the reception room to the bar area. (I guess it is a wine tasting area)

Bride and Groom

Bride and Groom cutting the cake which was delicious too by the was two flavoured mudcakes..yum

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