Saturday, April 12, 2014

Crocodiles in Darwin

Took my camera to the Jumping Crocs Tour in Darwin which is about 70km out of Darwin on the way to Kakadu, but it was an adventure for the whole day. Firstly we went on the boat and saw about 5 crocs and a few others that didn't come over for a feed and we saw them feed the Kites, and when word got out that food was around, the number of kites kept growing.

As far as the photography went as the tour was late afternoon with a ton of dark stormy cloud, I just kept upping the ISO and the shutter speed.

Highlights of the day:-
- The big older croc who was HUGE (named Michael)
- The sound of the crocs jaws slamming shut on a piece of buffalo……Seriously LOUD
- Getting to hold a python
- Getting caught in torrential rain (This is THE TERRITORY), on the way home……in a car people had loaned us……I wasn't driving but it was scary.

Here are my favourite croc pics from the day

ME and the python

Ready for my closeup

Cant reach

Just playing with my food

Jumping Crocs

Nice Teeth!

Side of the river and you can see where the crocs live

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