Saturday, June 8, 2013

Holey Plain - MHC

Melbourne Hunt Club organised a large fox hunt at Holey Plain early in June which was a great day and there were riders representing several hunting clubs and a lot of newbies, out for a ride on a truly beautiful property.

Holey Plain still operates as a beef farm, but is just a stunning property on the edge of Rosedale in Gippsland and the old homestead is the centrepiece of this gorgeous property.

Whilst I was very appreciative of being driven around the property in a real 4WD as my SUV just won't cut it when the mud gets real, unfortunately the one horse jump (panel), that we were all organised to get some great images at, the hunting pack didn't quite get to, as they are at the mercy of the hounds.

The highlights for me of the day were:-

- Hearing someone say "Release the hounds"
- Seeing so ,many people riding horses and enjoying the outdoors
- Being with a group of friendly and inviting (and patient) people.

Just watching the hounds who run like crazy, but as soon as the huntsman blows a particular tone on his whistle, they come back and wait for the next whistle command. The hounds are probably the highlight for me.....Great group of animals.

The whole day can be seen at actionpactpix, but here is a sample:-

Hounds ready for action

Lined up at the start of the hunt

Next order please

Photo bombed by a horse

Horses having a chat

Now where is the pack?

Having fun on the property

Dance Moves

This red ribbon means the horse has been known to kick

A leisurely stroll back to the homestead

For a huge spread of food and a warm fire

Saw these hoppers on the property

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